Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers

We are one of the leading Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in India offering a quality range of vacuum pumps to our customers. With experienced professionals at Kakati karshak we manufacture these Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps using high quality raw materials and latest techniques.
Working: The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump consists of an impeller with blades that are attached to a center hub in the cylindrical body. The blades and the impeller are sealed by the rotating liquid ring and the liquid is sucked by the compressor for enhancing the stability. The complete arrangement of our Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump creates variable compression chambers between the impeller blades during rotation, which causes the conveyed gas to be compressed within a full revolution.
Kakati, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers offer in different specifications like 550 to 15000M3/Hr-suction capacity, vacuum-700mm of Hg and with a power consumption of 90kW to 600kW. Customers can avail these vacuum pumps in different grades as per their requirements in market leading prices.

Features of our Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump:

  • Sturdy construction and durable.
  • Creates no vibration and thus enhances noiseless operation.
  • No internal lubrication is required.
  • Oil free pumps.
  • Can handle liquid and vapor efficiently.

Applications of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump:

  • Food processing industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Petrochemical industries.
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