With a total employees strength of around 200 people ‘KAKATI’ has full fledged Quality Control, Design, Planning and Maintenance Departments backed by Sales and Marketing teams. We offer the following services.

Selection of pump

For selection of pump vacuum pump size, user needs to determine the capacity required for the system and operating vacuum level.Then size/model can be selected from the capacity range indicated. We can guide users for selection of the pump if required.

Kakati Field Services

Kakati field services can keep Water ring Vacuum pumps and systems running efficiently reliably and effectively. Kakati also provide on site monitoring and extend services to keep the vacuum system in running capably.

Performance Audit

Kakati offers complete field testing with orifice plates to evaluate efficiency of the pumps before and after conditioning of the old Vacuum Pumps at customer’s place and provide necessary repairs with required spares to bring the efficiency equal to as good as New Vacuum Pump.

Vacuum System

Kakati provides GA and P&I for complete vacuum system suitable for different applications with all pipe line sizes to meet all international standard.

We also believe in constant innovation and are constantly in lookout for developing new products. We have developed spare parts, systems and new products for our customers numerous number of times. Feel free to contact us for any query, we would be happy to help you in any way within our expertise.

Our Clients