2KE4-Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

The 2KE4 Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are Single stage port plate type liquid ring vacuum pumps. These pumps are optimized to offer 6% better efficiency over previous Plate Type models.The pump has multiple inlet and outlet options thereby providing ease in piping.

These pumps operate in various applications including pulp and paper, mining, sugar, power,chemical processing industries etc. They have an operating range of upto 160 mbar Abs.

When equipped with a center shroud inside pump casing, split vacuum of upto 300 mmHg or 400 mbar Abs is possible. Single or Double Mechanical seal can be provided on request.

The largest liquid ring pumps are made in port plate type. These pumps offer bolt-in replacements to many imported/western models. Stainless steel material of construction is available on request.

Basic specification

S.No Specification Description
1 Vacuum range Upto 710 mmHg
2 Capacity Upto 35000 m /hr
3 Compressor pressure 2.5 bar abs
4 Standard Construction material Cast iron, Stainless Steel
*Incase of special material of construction please contact our sales team.
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