The liquid ring vacuum pumps can only take in so much water from its intake. Any increase in water from inlet pipeline effects the pumps functionality. To overcome this problem we have developed the pre seperator pumps.

Advantages of kakati pre-seperator pumps.

  • Semi open impeller design–Providespositive prime even under continuously starved conditions
  • Flange mounted directly onto the separator tank into the suction line for simple installation with minimum floor space.
  • Eliminates suction piping and the need for hydrostatic leg
  • Minimizes NPSH requirements
  • Swing out hinge option allows inspection of the pump suction or quick access to the tank interior
  • V-belt drives for performance flexibility.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant materials for aggressive applications.
  • Partially sealed and permanently lubricated bearings reduce maintenance and increase bearing life and time between overhauls.
  • Eliminates cavitation.
  • Eliminates the need for level control devices.

Basic specification

S.No Pump Model Max. Water Handling Capacity Ipm. Rec. Motor hp
1 KPS 45 500 5
2 KPS 90 1200 7.5
3 KPS 100 2200 10
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