MAX-Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Introducing the next generation of our popular KEN series, designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and enhanced performance. This latest iteration boasts an impressive 8% efficiency upgrade, achieved through a combination of innovative design enhancements and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our meticulously engineered fabricated rotors not only optimize power-to-capacity ratios but also extend bearing life significantly. Additionally, the removable bearing bracket simplifies maintenance and facilitates seamless assembly of mechanical seals.

Basic specification

S.No Specification Description
1 Vacuum range Up to 710 mmHg
2 Differential pressure capability 1 bar
3 Compressor pressure 2 bar abs
4 Standard Construction material Cast iron, Stainless Steel
5 Capacity Upto 18000m3/hr
*Incase of special material of construction please contact our sales team.
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