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Paper industry

Kakati provides a vide range of vacuum pumps and offers solution for paper industry.

The primary application of vacuum pump is used for dewatering in the paper machine.

Our experienced engineers can properly size and select the vacuum pumps and water removal equipment required to operate your paper machine at its peak performance.

With more than 50 years of combined paper industry experience, you can be sure that the most efficient, most reliable equipment is specified for your application.

Kakati can provide solutions for paper machines and specify all requirements for the different points( Wire part, Uhles boxes, Suction couch, Suction pickup, suction roll etc) in a paper machine.

Paper Industry

Kakati also provides pre-seperator pumps used under vacuum and can offer solutions for effective dewatering in the paper machine.

The company has been awarded
ISO 9001Certification in the year 2005.

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