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Filter applications

Filtration is the process of separating solid particles from a liquid slurry. All forms of filtration require a pressure differential to make the liquid pass through a porous filter medium/membrane. Some processes apply a vacuum to the underside of the filter medium in order to draw the liquid through. Other processes apply a compressed gas to the slurry side of the filter medium to force the liquid through. For every application, the solid's particle size, quantity and properties have to be carefully assessed to decide what type of filter will be most suitable and what filter medium should be used. Various filtration techniques have been developed to meet the requirements of many different industrial applications.

Different type of filter are used for different processes like drum filter, drum precoat filter, Disc filter, Horizontal belt filter, tray filter, Tilting pan filter etc. With a vast experience of more than 50 years kakati can provide solutions for vacuum or pressure filter applications and optimize the capacity of pumps to provide best efficiency for the dryness required of the slurry.

Kakati can design once through system, Partial recirculation system or Total recirculation complete skid mounted or standalone systems depending on the requirement of process.

The company has been awarded
ISO 9001Certification in the year 2005.

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