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Solvent recovery and Evaporation applications

Kakati liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in a lot of evaporation and solvent recovery applications.

Some Evaporative applications include processes which have MEE ( multi effect evaporators) , WFE ( wiped film evaporators), Deculator applications, Black liquor evaporation, distillation columns etc.

Kakati liquid ring vacuum pumps are also used in a lot of vapour recovery applications like air, alcohols, Ammonia ,carbon dioxide, Chlorine, Natural gas, PVC, Vinyl chloride monomer etc

Kakati can design once through system, Partial recirculation system or Total recirculation complete skid mounted or standalone systems depending on the requirement of process.

Complete recirculation system for WFE and MEE evaporator systems

Complete recirculation system for vinyl monomer recovery application

Complete recirculation system for evacuation and recovery in a zinc manufacturing industry

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