K-Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

KAKATI has been manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps since 50 years and has been constantly upgrading it’s design. An upgrade to it’s KV-Series, these pumps can run with wide range of operating speeds. This enables the user to save energy by running the pumps at lower speeds. It also provides a wide margin for future capacity increase by running the pump at higher operating speeds.

These pumps are available in 8 models and can handle excess liquid carryover without much difficulty. These pumps can be used in many applications like textile, mining, paper, sugar, tobacco, food, and other process industries.

The K-Series Vacuum Pumps have been designed for easy dismantling and overhauling to facilitate quick service. Like all KAKATI Vacuum Pumps, the K-Series Vacuum Pumps require very little care or maintenance in most applications

Basic specification

S.No Specification Description
1 Vacuum range Upto 710 mmHg
2 Capacity Upto 22500 m3/hr
3 Compressor pressure 2 bar abs
4 Standard Construction material Cast iron, Stainless Steel
*Incase of special material of construction please contact our sales team.
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